Quantifying the value of Microsoft Teams

CULTURE SERVICES CONTACT NEWS Quantifying the value of Microsoft Teams As our modern workforce continues to change, organisations findthemselves with a few basic collaboration challenges. Supporting global growth andcollaboration across multiple locations and time zones Enabling mobile employees tobe more productive and better connected Innovating better and fasterin an increasingly competitive marketplace Providing integratedcollaboration solutions that scale, safeguard information and ensurecompliance In an effort to solve these challenges, Microsoft introduced Teams in tothe mix to

Why Office 365 is Vital to the Modern Office

The Modern Workplace –  When you think of how the modern workplace is different to that of the past, what springs to mind? Aside from cosmetic changes that would have blown minds in the 1980s – what’s with the standing desks and open plans, and where’s the ever-present cloud of cigarette smoke? – perhaps the main difference is the shift away from desktop computers. Sure, they’re still being used and will maintain their practicality for

Preparing for the End: Windows 7

The end of life for any software product can be a significant challenge for businesses.  Consider this, when Windows XP support ended in 2014, it affected 40% of the worlds computers.  Change can be slow, even today we still have 7% of the worlds computers using outdated operating systems. So… Why are we so slow to upgrade?  This can be due to expense as well as the time consuming nature of upgrading, especially for small

What is Skype For Business?

As with a lot of the products mixed in with the O365 suite, Skype for Business can go unnoticed to a lot of us. If you’ve ever tried to connect with family or friends over the internet, you’re probably familiar with Skype, the very popular app for instant messaging, video chat, and voice calls. Microsoft bought the company in 2011, continuing to offer it as a consumer product along with Lync, a business application. In

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