Why Android Users Need Windows 10’s “Your Phone” App

CULTURE SERVICES CONTACT NEWS Why Android Users Need Windows 10’s “Your Phone” App Windows 10’s Your Phone app links your phone and PC. It works best for Android users, letting you text from your PC, sync your notifications, and wirelessly transfer photos back and forth. Screen mirroring is on its way, too. Android Users Get the Best Integration The Your Phone app is a powerful and often overlooked part of Windows 10. If you’re an

NBN roll-out and the ADSL/ISDN cut-off date

CULTURE SERVICES CONTACT NEWS Your existing phone and internet services will be disconnected 18 months after you are connected to NBN. Information about the NBN roll-out and the ADSL/ISDN cut-off date You’ve probably heard that the government is building the National Broadband Network (NBN) across the country. In fact, there’s an even chance that your house is already connected. But did you also know that your old telephone and internet services will be disconnected? Increasingly,

Why your SMB should explore managed services

CULTURE SERVICES CONTACT NEWS Why your SMB should explore managed services Running your own in-house IT support team can be prohibitively expensive for SMBs. However, managed services providers (MSPs) are lightening the IT budget burden with a more cost-effective approach to managing your IT needs. Outsourcing your IT support to an MSP saves you needing to pay a full-time salary (or salaries) to in-house IT staff, and can connect you with industry-leading IT expertise for

Quantifying the value of Microsoft Teams

CULTURE SERVICES CONTACT NEWS Quantifying the value of Microsoft Teams As our modern workforce continues to change, organisations findthemselves with a few basic collaboration challenges. Supporting global growth andcollaboration across multiple locations and time zones Enabling mobile employees tobe more productive and better connected Innovating better and fasterin an increasingly competitive marketplace Providing integratedcollaboration solutions that scale, safeguard information and ensurecompliance In an effort to solve these challenges, Microsoft introduced Teams in tothe mix to

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*nbn100 refer to the nbn’s wholesale speed tiers provided to us by NBN Co Ltd. Each of these speed tiers has a theoretical maximum line speed of 50 or 100 Mbps outside of peak hours. It’s unlikely that you will experience these speeds. The actual speeds that you experience may be slower than the theoretical maximum for your technology type and speed tier due to factors such as the quality and layout of copper wiring forming part of your connection and electrical interference. For Fixed Wireless (FW), FTTB, FTTC & FTTN customers, until your service is connected we are unable to confirm your maximum attainable speed. If your line does not support your chosen connection tier we will inform you and offer to change your connection tier or terminate your service. Fixed Wireless speeds may be significantly impacted by congestion.

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