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What is Skype For Business?


As with a lot of the products mixed in with the O365 suite, Skype for Business can go unnoticed to a lot of us. If you’ve ever tried to connect with family or friends over the internet, you’re probably familiar with Skype, the very popular app for instant messaging, video chat, and voice calls. Microsoft bought the company in 2011, continuing to offer it as a consumer product along with Lync, a business application. In 2014 Microsoft announced it would drop Lync in favour of Skype for Business, which would combine

Skype for Business combines the best parts of Skype and Lync, in a fresh new interface with simplified controls. New features including the ability to call from Skype for Business using your desk phone for audio, and call monitor, a feature which allows you to move back and forth between windows based on need. You can use the full Skype for Business window if you’re actively participating in the call, or a compact version that lets you continue to monitor call progress—and mute or end the call—while focusing on other tasks.

Implementation of Skype for Business can help your organisation increase staff productivity and improve collaboration. Not to mention, depending on your current plan, its free.