Quantifying the value of Microsoft Teams

As our modern workforce continues to change, organisations find
themselves with a few basic collaboration challenges.

  • Supporting global growth and
    collaboration across multiple locations and time zones
  • Enabling mobile employees to
    be more productive and better connected
  • Innovating better and faster
    in an increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Providing integrated
    collaboration solutions that scale, safeguard information and ensure

In an effort to solve these challenges, Microsoft introduced Teams in to
the mix to give organisations and employees the flexibility and collaboration

Key Benefits from implementing Microsoft Teams

Teams reduce the total number of meetings and their
. Online meetings conducted over Teams are
reliable and of very high audio-video quality. As a result, employees spend
more time interacting. The total time savings equal $6.9 million.

Information workers save 4 hours per week from
improved collaboration and information sharing
. With
Teams features like co-authoring, integrated file storage, and internal
directory, information workers can effectively and efficiently collaborate in
real time. The potential savings equal more than $14.3 million.

Information workers save more than 1 hour per week
by not having to switch between applications.
to 3rd party and line-of-business apps inside Teams from any device benefits
all workers, especially remote workers. This creates better employee cohesion
and a common corporate culture across locations. The total savings are nearly
$4.8 million.

Having resources available online in Teams reduces
downtime by 14.6%.
 When resources are available in one
cloud-based location, downtime is reduced and complexity is lowered, making
security and compliance easier. Compared to on-premise solutions, the time
savings are worth $258,000 across Information and Firstline Workers.

Benefits Analysis


  • More Effective and Efficient Meetings – 18.9%
    reduction in meetings every week.
  • Reduced Communication and Collaboration Solution
    costs – Cost savings over a three year period came to $648K


  • Firstline Worker Collaboration Time Savings – Time
    saved by firstline workers through improved collaboration: 45 minutes per week
    using all the tools provided in MS 365
  • Faster Time-To-Decision – Reduction in time-to
    decision: 17.7%. Workers could more quickly make contact and communicate
    with fellow employees and review all the information they need to make
    decisions more efficiently.
  • Reduced Employee Turnover And Onboarding Costs
    – Reduced costs associated with hiring and onboarding new employees: $1.4M
    over three years.

Customize And Extend

  • Application Switching Time Savings – Time
    savings from avoiding switching between applications: • Information worker: 15
    min/day • Firstline worker: 5 min/day
  • Working With Outside Organizations Time Savings
    – Time savings working with outside organizations: 24 minutes per day

Work With Confidence

  • Reduced User Downtime – Reduction in downtime:
  • Reduced IT Compliance And eDiscovery – Reduction
    in IT compliance and eDiscovery costs: 13.2%



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