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Preparing for the End: Windows 7


The end of life for any software product can be a significant challenge for businesses.  Consider this, when Windows XP support ended in 2014, it affected 40% of the worlds computers.  Change can be slow, even today we still have 7% of the worlds computers using outdated operating systems.

So… Why are we so slow to upgrade?  This can be due to expense as well as the time consuming nature of upgrading, especially for small and midsize businesses.  Often we are running legacy systems that require an older operating system, and upgrading and training employees on new systems takes time and money.

Still, I am here now to let you know well in advance… Its Windows 7’s turn.

Microsoft has announced that the end of life for its popular Windows 7 product will be January 14 2020.  Whilst this may seem a while away, it is less than 12 months, and  the sooner we begin the transition process, the better.

What does end of support mean? Will my computers stop working?  In short, no they will not stop working.  You will however become significantly more vulnerable to exploits and bugs after the end of support date.  Essentially, Microsoft will stop moving the goal posts for potential security holes and instead leave them where they are, allowing hackers and scammers to more easily target those vulnerabilities.

If you fall in to the Windows 7 category, please, don’t put it in the “too hard” basket.  Let us know, and we can help you get these legacy operating systems out of your fleet.