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L.J. Hooker


The Challenge
L.J. Hooker Mona Vale (LJHMV) is a residential real estate agent located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The nature of the LJHMV business meant that they needed technology to match their mobile first workforce. Their heavy reliance on tablets and smart phones meant they needed access to systems and data anywhere, at any time. Additionally, they were transiting to a new cloud based Practice Management Software, and therefore made sense to make a holistic move to the cloud. Until recently they relied on itGlobal to provide core infrastructure in order to share and store data.

The company’s Managing Director, Lachlan Elder, has always been at the forefront of technology, and a move into the public cloud seemed the right move for his progressive business.

The Solution

itGlobal and LJHMV have been partners for over 10 years, and look to consult with Lachlan in order to design and implement the best solutions possible. Due to a long and successful partnership, Lachlan knew he could rely on itGlobal to deliver the solution successfully, with minimal impact and interference to his staff. He recognised the need for not only a smooth transition and implementation, but assistance in change management and a detailed adoption plan for his staff. itGlobal played a significant part in the training and educating of the users and their new SharePoint and overall cloud based tools.

Since the migration to the public cloud, LJHMV have enjoyed the freedom of Microsoft’s collaborative computing platform. Additionally, they have seen high adoption levels, and Lachlan and the staff have seen an improvement in productivity, especially through collaboration.