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AGnVET Services


The Challenge
AGnVET Services is a privately owned Agricultural supplier with over 60 stores and 450 staff Australia wide. With so many stores and staff, AGnVET could see the need for a reliable network, as well as easy and reliable collaboration.
The company’s CTO, James, recognised the trend towards a “cloud first” world, and was sure on the benefits and freedoms AGnVET would enjoy. Whilst AGnVET understood the staff would need to be trained on a new way of doing things, the strengths of the solution far outweighed the weaknesses. With so many cloud services to think about, AGnVET decided to move their email first, this provided a strong starting step in the move towards the cloud.

The Solution
itGlobal and AGnVET have been in a near 20 yearlong partnership, and with a history of success, it was exciting for the business to work on yet another project together. Whilst AGnVET have internal IT, it was decided that the user training would be taken care of by AGnVET, and the back end technical implementation to be done by ITG.
For AGnVET, a staged approach to a cloud migration was crucial. With so many users, training and slow rollout was critical. For this to work, ITG had to build a Hybrid Exchange model. This model meant that AGnVET could move users in small bunches to the cloud, and train them accordingly with minimal business impact.
Since the migration, AGnVET’s users have been taking advantage of their cloud first environment. Whether it be accessing and sharing documents online, or accessing their email anywhere from any device, AGnVET have taken significant steps forward in this space.