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Microsoft Office 365


If you are already a Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint user, when you think about Office 365 you probably think that it is just the bundle name for these applications.  Although most people only use about 10% of the capabilities of Word, if you venture into the depths of the menus you will find a wealth of powerful features to enhance your presentation, productivity and collaboration with others.  Office 365 has this too! Office 365 has more than 20 additional “apps” for you to use, and you can choose more from the store.  Click on the 9 dots in the left corner of the screen (online version) and then select “All apps” to discover a playground for you to explore.

Hidden beneath the covers though, business users also have powerful security and compliance tools designed for the protection of your privacy, your identity, and the privacy and identity of the people you interact with. At the most comprehensive option (it costs more depending on the level you choose), you can turn on additional layers of security when you log in, manually or automatically manage and label documents depending on their content, receive alerts when there is suspicious activity in your account and even encrypt and/or restrict people from opening and reading the document.  There are many more security features available. With new privacy and credit card (PCI DSS) laws now in force, some or all of this is compulsory and can attract big fines for non compliance.